Psychic Vampirism: Dispelling the Myth

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I am a type of vampire. My strengths include energy work, which to be effective I need to be able to give and take any type of energy. This energy may be emotional, mental, sexual, magical, an illness, etc. This may be a surprise, but even empathy is a type of vampirism, because empaths feed and utilize emotional energy.

Though my other articles focused on defense from vampires, I wanted to dispel the stigma of vampirism.

Many people call themselves vampires, or practice vampirism as a type of fad – or worse because they want to imitate the vampires seen in movies. This is not a game or a fad. Some of us do blood and energy work, which is heavily tied to death and the Cthonic deities. This is also how I received my knowledge of previous articles – I know from both side of the “coin” what vampires…

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Addressing Unity, The Messenger & Other Concerns

“I’ve been bitching and moaning about the Unity Project since about the time Maven Lore and Gia Bathory were interviewed for RVN. I always felt there was something off about Unity Project/Blood Nations from the jump—Maven and Rosemary’s cringey and over-the-top “coronation ceremony” included—though I wasn’t dumb enough to believe the Masonic YouTube-esque conspiracy theories involving color-coded maps and other nonsense.”

The Psychic Vampyres are the Real Vampires

V.K. Jehannum

Psychic vampyrism, which is a known technique of white and black magickians alike, is the practice of feeding upon the spiritual energy of other persons, and sanguine vampyrism is the act of drinking human blood for sustenance. Most people who practice sanguine vampyrism consider drinking blood to be nothing more than a particularly potent way of taking someone else’s spiritual energy.

While most black magickians see vampyrism as little more than an optional practice which they may or may not adopt, some authorities amongst modern systems of vampyric magick believe that some humans are born with anomalies of the spiritual body which require them to feed upon exogenous spiritual energy instead of recycling nature’s prana like the majority of people do. Initiates of the Black Lodge who practice vampyrism tend to doubt the reality of born vampyres, but vampyres external to the  “Left Hand Path” insist on self-identifying as born…

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My Approach; My Perspective; Why I Get Confused In The GVC; And Why I’m Glad When I Just Don’t Take It As Seriously As I Used To

The Amador Vampyre

My perception of reality has changed quite a bit since I began my conscious spiritual journey as a teenager. I have explored what beautiful and dark places that there were in my psyche and my conscious personality. When I write, I do it with the intention that I am merely talking about my personal experience and my analysis of that experience. I do not believe that I am the norm or the typical version of anything. What I write about are my observations of what I see inside myself, my reactions and how I understand all of those concepts. I explore ideas and techniques and working conclusions. If some idea seems to fit better as a relative truth that I can relate to, then I adopt it.

I approach concepts like a chaos magician. If they seem practical in the sense that they provide more of a payoff or a benefit than…

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Cults masquerading as Structural Organizations within the community (A real problem the newly awakened face.)

The Wolf Unchained

~Originally posted on Facebook in October 2016~

When you look at the Organizations within the Vampire, Therian, Otherkin, & even Pagan communities what do you see?
Do you see a place offering personal growth? How about a safe place to be who you are, un-corrupted by ego, or power struggles? Do you see leaders who put others needs before their own, or leaders whose sense of self-importance is so over-exaggerated it takes away from anything good they have done for those around them?

The problem with today’s community is that there are those who seek to use the community for personal & financial gain. Those who seek to form “members only” groups to exclude anyone who doesn’t meet their perceived notions of “perfection” or those who don’t meet their ideal personality.
Many of these people & the organizations they lead come off safe & “legit” on the outside, but once you step…

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Arcane Rant #1: Sex & The Gotham Halo

“It can be said easily that every man and woman has offered at least one action towards the Gotham Halo, whether that be offering a brick to build it up or taking one to tear it down. That being said, no other topic has been as inflammatory within New York City’s vampire scene as sex.”

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